Ya llegó su lodo puercas

Ya llegó su lodo puercas


Part 2: Link

I once had a foolish dream about doing my own graphic novel.
SO I did, I worked hard everyday whenever I could, and after some months it was finally finished!
How little did I know it would never come to light.
For almost a year I’ve been trying tirelessly to print it or find an publisher who is willing to print it, sadly no one is interested in wordless comics.
I did received very great feedback, but no one bought it.
So neither in the US nor Mexico I got t print my little 120 pages novel.
So instead of letting it be forgotten as many stuff I’ve done in the past, I decided to upload the stories to the internet.
So yeah, I hope someone likes it.
Maybe I was too foolish or inexperiences to believe that I could live of doing my own comics.
I’ll try harder in the future.

relatable feeling

The worst feeling ever is working on a illustration for hours to end up hating it.

I’m feeling it now, also my butt hurts for not taking breaks


Maybe tomorrow i will like it? I SURE HOPE SO 

Welp i tried.



Hi there today Im opening a Patreon to keep my webcomics alive.
You can se my patreon page here:
I need your help guys <3

Hi there! My name is Jose Garcia!!

I am a freelance comic book artist, 2d animator and illustrator. 
I have worked for companies such as Electronic Arts, Heavy Metal, Devil’s Due Publishing, Arc System, Capcom to name a few.

As a freelance comic artist it’s hard to make a living, as  I have many self-owned projects  which Im working constantly on, which as some of you might know, I do without pay in my own free time, and give it to you guys for free!

With your patronage, you help me pay my everyday needs, such as food, water, gas, internet and rent.
And you help me to keep my projects alive and the opportunity to work in them more often, that means more comics and art for you!

Right now Im working on various projects:

My 8 Bit Story:
A wordless comic about a girl traveling trough old gameboy games.
I upload mostly on Thursdays here:
And if you like Facebook to remind you when the comic has updates or see WIPs and stuff you can visit here:
This is my personal project, I do all the art.

A webcomic Im doing for Mexico, about Beren’s epic journey to become king, after his father’s (King of the Mountain) death.
The comic is written in spanish, but there are plans to translate it to English.
You can see the comic here:
Its written by my friend Homero Rios, and I do all the art, updates every Wednesday.

Watch Ur Mouth:
A webcomic Im working with my friend Liz Davis.
Watch Ur Mouth is a series of satirical mini comics about adventures of a trans girl named Car0lyn 452 in a “sexy” (ironically of course) futuristic steampunk utopian society. She has her goods and bads that we will get to see expressed from her in a slice of life style webcomic, which begins with her, due to crushing loneliness, ordering her own mandroid mall buddy to fill the void in her heart and the ensuing craziness that occurs when this happens.

Liz writes I do the art, Its a paid job, but I’d like to be able to help her to achieve and see her dream of seeing Watch Ur Mouth finish.
We already have the first season finished, and we are waiting for a bit of help to get started!

Seasons is a personal project, its almost finished.
Seasons its a 4 wordless story set in the 4 seasons of the year.
Its a 120 colored pages book, currently on coloring stage.
I havent upload much of this project, but I’ll start soon uploading it to the internet soon!

All of this comics are and always will be for FREE.

Comics for all week!
Please help me making this projects come true!
In exchange of free art, patrons will have esclusive rewards, such as personal sketches, psd files. access to google hangout or private livestreams and much more!

SIGNAL BOOOST!!! Please help my talented friend to work on his passion! 

Anonymous asked: Hola, perdon por molesta, pero haces comisiones?

Así es! No tengo una lista oficial de los precios, pero pronto la haré.

Pero puedes enviarme un correo a y te haré una cotización (:

"The end of the World"

"The end of the World"

Anonymous asked: Dear Senpai; Are you active on Deviantart or not anymore? <33333

Not really, I still post there though, and look and fav works of the people i watch.

But i spend most of my free time on tumblr to be honest!


Happy B-Day to the amazing nadiezda&#160;!! Tarde pero seguro (?) 
They’re her OCs Junko and Ral! hope she likes it &lt;3

BLESS YOUR SOUL MAN, lo amo! &lt;3 Muchas gracias, ya te dejé mi mensaje largo de amor en DA haha!


Happy B-Day to the amazing nadiezda !! Tarde pero seguro (?) 

They’re her OCs Junko and Ral! hope she likes it <3

BLESS YOUR SOUL MAN, lo amo! <3 Muchas gracias, ya te dejé mi mensaje largo de amor en DA haha!



Anonymous asked: te AMOOOoOOOooooOoo *---*

Esas son muchas O’s!!! Muy jarcor tú