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Anonymous asked: Oh my god!! I found you!! I follow you on deviantart and yours is my favorite by far! ;_; and you seem so much more positive than the rest of tumblr

Awww thank you, i’m glad you like my art !!! :o)
much love


Hi guys, I need all of your support to print my first graphic novel its already finished, and I need to raise $2800 to print the first 100 copies!
Lots of rewards and cool beans :>

You can see the campaign right here!
Plase help :>


Hi everyone! My name is Jose Garcia and Seasons is my first personal graphic novel.

Seasons is a compilation of 4 wordless love stories that happen around the Seasons of the year!
Each one has its own mood and peace, its based solely on feelings so I intend that each reader interpretation depends on his or her mood, and that by reading it in different ocassions, the story’s meaning change!

I’ve done this project last year in my spare time, it’s been finished for quite a while and I thing now is the time to finally print it.
The book consist in 120 colored pages plus covers, I need your help to get it printed so I can get it sold at cons, internet, and that it helps me to make more books in the future!
This would be the first book in a series of 9, with your help, if this one succeeds I can begin to think on moving to the next and maybe having 2 books a year!


The goal is to make enough money to print 100 copies of the book!
Printing is real hard a expensive for a single author to handle, so I ask you to help me make this dream come true.
Im in Mexico, so $2800 usd would totally help me to get the first 100 printed in full color, and with the profits of the book, I’ll invest it on printing another 100 and so on until I get the finances to work on, and print book 2, 3 and 4.

-Credits: your name on the book!
-Seasons PDF
-Exclusive Wallpaper
-Older comics PDF
-Signed Printed book
-Exclusive Sticker pack
-A3 exclusive Seasons Prints
-A3 Prints of other artworks done by me.
-Original sketch commission inside the book!
-Original digital portrait of you in Seasons style!
-PSD original files!
-Original Watercolor drawings!
-Personalized 1 page minicomic full color of anything you like!
The Author:
Hey guys, my name is Jose Garcia, I’ve been working as a freelance artists trying to make a living and getting personal projects out in the world.
Im from Mexico city and Im trying to get as many comics out there!
Speaking of comics, here are some links to my personal art pages and webcomics around the net:

Webcomics while you wait ;)
My 8 Bit Story:
Beren (only in spanish but soon in english):
This ones are updated weekly, sometimes 3 to 5 updates per week so you can get yourself entretained!
Some people just can’t contribute, but that doesn’t mean they can’t help. In order to reach the goal, we need to share this project as much as possible:share the following pages on Facebook or Twitter, or even simply by e-mailing a friend!

Thank you! and many many thanks for making this project come to life <3

I’ll be uploading the campaign goals adding more images so it would be more appealing and maybe reach more people <3

Love you guys <3 <3 <3

Anonymous asked: Wow seu estilo é tão único! É maravilhoso!!! (posso ou não estar te stalkendo agora) Só queria dizer que eu amo a sua arte e que você é uma pessoa MUITO talentosa! Beijos do Brasil! (espero que entiendas Portugués! Un beso!)

No sé portugués, pero creo que entendí todo!
Muchas gracias! Eres un amors

Anonymous asked: Discordia reminds me of Tank Girl. Looks neat.

Indeed!! I’m heavily inspired by Jamie Hewlett’s “Tank Girl” comic! Thanks!

Just a fool
#inktober day 7 (late again!)

Just a fool
#inktober day 7 (late again!)

#inktober  day 5 (late)

#inktober day 5 (late)

#inktober day 3! I love this show

#inktober day 3! I love this show

#inktober day 2!

#inktober day 2!

#inktober finished! Day 1

#inktober finished! Day 1