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Day of the Dead


Hello. this will be long but I consider it to be necessary, if it pleases you to skip, then go ahead, if it concerns you, please, bear with me, I am ranty. First, because it seems that in this site you must present some kind of ID card with your identity status in the white vs “POC” spectrum: I am…

People who are in doubt, should check this out.  

Quick sketch~

Quick sketch~

Anonymous asked: I truly love your post about sharing cultures. I celebrate Dia de los Muertos and I am not Mexican. when I discovered this holiday I felt an immense sense of peace that coincided with my personal views on death/the world, and I was SO HAPPY to see another culture was able to create that same kind of mindset, so far and so different from my own culture (which I never felt any connection with). I honestly believe that cultural sharing is extremely important and valid, we are a human family.

That is great dude!

Im glad you enjoy it and it helps you personally, this is a good example of how culture can be celebrated to other cultures.

Anonymous asked: (same anon) and honestly, while yes I agree cultural appropriation does exist in some regards (even people "taking" from my own culture), that people need to remember that it's through sharing, learning, and education that our human family will find balance and peace-- not through hate and segregation. You need to be educated and respectful, to me, if you are you know what you can "take" and what you cannot, and it's the ignorance which needs to be changed, not the desire to share and explore.

I agreeee ajuaaaaa

Anonymous asked: Hi! I think the whole dressing up thing is seen as disrespectful, at least from my stance, because of the lack of knowledge of the meaning of the celebration. I get it that it might seem like people don't want to "share" their culture but I think it's more of wanting people to know where they are standing and to try not to appropriate something that isn't there own. I think that if people took the ideas from el dia de los muertos more respectfully and not just for aesthetic pleasure (pt 1)

I know there is a lot of ignorance in this world, and there will always be, but like i said, i do not think racial segregation is the way.

I understand day of the dead is becoming popular, and things like "the book of life" or the paintings of sylvia ji might enforce this aesthetic attraction.

This can have 2 results

A) Like ONLY the aesthethic without wanting to know it’s origin or value.

B) Opportunity for people to fall in love with the celebration and it’s meaning/Wanting to participate

This topic can have these two results at the same time, it might be disrespectful it might not be.

However showing people it’s value is what i’m trying to do.

Anonymous asked: the problem here is that white people (especially european white people) have a history of trying to destroy other cultures while ripping off & bastardizing one or two things and saying 'hey this is cool. look, i'm one of them. haha.' cut the appropriation-cautious some slack, they're just trying not to do that.

I understand competely, but they are not doing that in this case.

And closing up the doors and making this into racial segregation is not the way. 

Anonymous asked: If I am to understand, some people feel that if another culture adopts a practice, it somehow devalues it? I want people to be reminded, that every time they celebrate Thanksgiving, they are having a "mock celebration" of Native corn/harvest festivals. Even though I am native, imagine how ridiculous it would be to deny the right of celebration for you and your family. If you appreciate the origin culture, and keep the core concepts of the holiday in mind, you should be allowed to engage in it.

I agree!

Well the problem they are addressing Is that non Mexican people wear Sugar skulls costumes for Halloween, because it looks “cool”,  is not wrong to be aesthetically attracted to it, the problem is when you fetishsize or objectify it! 

It’s a celebration that laughs at the death and celebrates it, so i don’t see why dressing up as a joke would be bad or offensive, since it’s already a joke, but a joke with a big value!

I’ve always hear that Thanksgiving is kinda racist, i wonder if that’s true? I do not celebrate it and i do not know much about it.

But yes, i think people take this too seriously, the answer must not be black or white, but know that everything is relative, and showing negativity for those who care is harmful.

Anonymous asked: I love your approach to cultural sharing and your attitude. I also really liked your sugar skull comic!

Hey thank you!! I’m glad you liked it!

Anonymous asked: Your sugar skull didn't answer the important question though. Are sugar skulls delicious?

Some of them! Since it’s mostly moulded sugar, but i do love chocolate skulls mmmmmmm 

Anonymous asked: Your sugar skull post is probably the most reasonable post I've seen on Tumblr. I don't understand the logic used by a lot of the people crying "cultural appropriation". They seem to want all cultures to be isolated from each other, which is national/racial segregation. But in the same breath, they're accusing people who share cultures as racist. I'm sorry you're getting so much negativity from people for trying to promote multiculturalism.

 Agree, It’s racial segregation.

Thanks for the comment and support ! (o: