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quien-eren-y-que-haces-en-mikasa asked: OMG! Tumblr necesitaba el post del Día de Muertos, concuerdo con todo lo que dice, y omg, esta super bonito! Que lástimas que mucha gente se lo tome mal, se cierran todas; y enserio muchas gracias por hacerlo y haber hecho investigación y poner que es La garbancera y luego se conviertió en La Catrina. Sigue así ;3;

Si la verdad, es una lástima pero bueno, muchas gracias!!


bbcsdildo asked: I'm so fucking disgusted about this whole day of the dead thing how fucking ignorant can you be. You're a fucking pest.


Just a few things about this ridiculous assumptions i did not make

-i’ve never said i was the spokeperson for all Mexicans (and obviously i’m not) so keep in mind this.

- I never compared Day of the dead to Halloween. People know or must know they have nothing to do with each other.

I just said that is okay if you use Halloween as an opportunity to appreciate the cultural elements of Day of the dead.

-  When i say non Mexican i mean NON MEXICAN (ex, British, brazilian, chinese, indian etc.,) If you assume i meant white people that is your opinion, not mine.

- Before doing this post i asked everyone i knew, about this topic (yes, Mexicans) and they told me it was okay.

- HOWEVER i’m not saying this is a justification, but is not only my opinion.

- Yes, i did my homework before doing the post. Yes, i have celebrated day of the dead.

Sugar skulls are

1. Decoration

2. Candy

3. Costumes

4. Represent the deceased in the altar, although they’re not sacred, they were before the spanish conquest, now they are mostly decoration.

5. You cannot,  compare this to the Native american headdress, because that is an actual piece of clothing and iconic representation of their culture (also a stereotype) They hold a way different value and a bigger significance.

What is the difference?

Sugar skulls do have value, however it is different, they’re also artcrafts, candy, decorations and costumes here in Mexico, heck, they are primarily decoration, you can use them to represent the deceased but it’s optional and not really anything sacred.

I’m not saying they don’t hold a significance, because they do, but the way we Mexican see it is not so serious, is just a part of the aesthetic for the day of the dead celebration.

La Catrina 

1. Joke/political cartoon

2. Became related to the day of the dead because of the aesthetic elements.

Day of the dead is

1. Non religious

2. An open celebration, who is evolving and expanding, which means is open for others to celebrate or enjoy it’s cultural elements.

3. it’s a syncretic celebration. Which means thanks to OTHER cultures, day of the dead could exist.

4. Not all Mexicans celebrate it, there are some parts of Mexico who celebrate this and other who do not, or celebrate it in a bigger/lower intensity.

just in case people who want to see more information i recommend this, someone who made a better job than i did.

An example of how REAL cultural appropiation works:





Anonymous asked: I wanted to thank you for your post, I'm half Mexican and have been wanting to dress up as a Sugar Skull for awhile now, either for Halloween or Día de Muertos to celebrate my recently deceased mother but I was scared too because I appear extremely white aside from my hair, eyes and nose (so I'm told) and whenever I tried to research if It was "okay" anddd it was usually unsuccessful and I only found things with tumblr's seemingly pro-segregation side. Aah, so thank you again;;

Then it’s part of your culture too.

So yes, in my opinion it’s okay, you appreciate it and want to celebrate it, so why not?

Have fun!

Taco bell though

esas si son mamadas




that is disrespectful and they must be destroyed


Anonymous asked: You're a beautiful person and your sugar skull post was on point. Thank you for existing you wonderful person.

This is a lovely message, thank you!!

Quick sketch~

Quick sketch~

Anonymous asked: I truly love your post about sharing cultures. I celebrate Dia de los Muertos and I am not Mexican. when I discovered this holiday I felt an immense sense of peace that coincided with my personal views on death/the world, and I was SO HAPPY to see another culture was able to create that same kind of mindset, so far and so different from my own culture (which I never felt any connection with). I honestly believe that cultural sharing is extremely important and valid, we are a human family.

That is great dude!

Im glad you enjoy it and it helps you personally, this is a good example of how culture can be celebrated to other cultures.

Anonymous asked: I love your approach to cultural sharing and your attitude. I also really liked your sugar skull comic!

Hey thank you!! I’m glad you liked it!

Anonymous asked: (same anon feel free to combine these messages) The only way to understand each other, and come to a deeper understanding and level of respect for each others cultures and heritages is to share and educate others about them. Cloistering things away only makes people think they're "exotic" or taboo, which always ends in gross and terrible represntative of said things. We live in a global world, we all need to talk about these things openly to come to understandings.

agree again

Thanks for sharing!