Pintando stuff *c*

Anonymous asked: ¿Como te sientes al saber que han hecho a tu OC de Mexico parecer un femboy super pasivo cuando tu lo dibujabas como un macho?


Pero no me sorprende, su verdadero ser se escondía tras ese ego macho mexicano

Killing people while i listen “for the first time in forever” has never been so rewarding.

I’m playing bioshock infinite while i listen to the Frozen soundtrack, I make the best life choices.



Based on a photo of Buster Keaton in “neighbours”

Based on a photo of Buster Keaton in “neighbours”

Anonymous asked: Tienes alguna persona especial en el sentido de amor u atraccion?

Nope :c

por cierto, te conozco dude? 

Anonymous asked: Hello if it's not a bother may I ask what your brush settings for art are?

I make my own brushes, but i could make a tutorial or maybe make my brushes downloadable, now i just need to know how haha

Anonymous asked: Hello I just wanted to tell you have one of the most beautiful art styles I have ever seen! Keep up the work! You are certainly my new inspiration!

That’s one of the best compliments i can get :’) Thanks a lot dude!