Anonymous asked: How's life?

YOOO anon

Life is pretty good atm, i’ve been watching x files and crying over it. But it’s all good (it’s not)

I have a BIG awesome project coming soon, but i can’t talk about it yet, and i’m really excited!!

Also i been drawing a comic *probably* called “astro love”, i think i’ll finish it and sell it on may.

Everything is good today

samolo asked: Hey Nadiezda! Why are you so cool? No, but seriously... what were your reasons to consider going to an art school abroad against being self taught? I hope thios was the kind of ask you were specting... maybe not... ok, you can ignore it and feign it was never asked!

It’s cool, i like to receive any type of question!

You mean, why i wanted to go to an art school instead of self taught?

I wanted to have more discipline and have some kind of guide in my artistic skills, and habits.

I still really need it, i need critiscism, i need to get out of my comfort zone, and im trying to do so, and art schools can give me this order and discipline that i sometimes do not follow.

/you’re are cooler Samolo hihi/

Anonymous asked: See/witness any especially good April Fool's day jokes?

Not really dude! Since i am Mexican and all. BUT on internet i was rick rolled a couple of times, and i LOVED IT.

Anonymous asked: do you take requests ??

Sometimes! But yeah, leave the request on my askbox and i might draw it!

Anonymous asked: Can you tell me why I might have followed you?

Because you have an exquisite taste on art, and you probably love yourself and i love you for that

Anonymous asked: have you played that new pokemon game that came out a little while ago?

YES, the “Y” version, and believe it or not, is the only pokemon game i have ever played. Because i didn’t have a gameboy when i was a kid  :c

It’s awesome though!

Anonymous asked: What kind or art do you prefer? paintin, pencil, charcoal.. stuff like that

I loooove acrylics, they’re perfect for me because i am clumsy and i make a lot of mistakes when i draw, and of course looks lovely. 

I love watercolor but i suck at them because i’m really messy and anxious.

let’s DO THIS

guys guys! Ask me some questions!

I’m barely on this tumblr, and i wish i could interact more with you guys, go ahead, ask anything you want or if you want tell me anything you want, anon or not.


Anonymous asked: Are you planning on drawing more Buster Keaton ?

AH YES, why not? Sadly i’ve been busy! 

Anonymous asked: Hola! Estudias algo relacionado con el arte? En que escuela? Me encanta tu arte, saludos!!

Hola anongo!

Pues mira estaba en talleres, y trate y trate de encontrar becas o alguna buena escuela en EU, resulta que los colegios en EU son carisimos, entonces decidí  seguir trabajando de freelancer, actualmente estoy trabajando para una editorial Y además tengo un proyecto grande que me emocionaría mucho decirles!