Anonymous asked: A usted apreciable Nadiezda: le pido su ayuda para difundir la voz sobre la atrocidad de reforma en telecomunicaciones que propone peña nieto.

Pensaba en hacer talvez un cómic o dibujo al respecto? Veré que puedo hacer para difundir mas ésto.

Anonymous asked: hey! i love your art. i was wondering how you get it to look textured? do you use a textured brush for lineart or? like even your colouring looks textured and it looks so i have no idea how to do it. Keep up the good work btw!

I use an image texture ! These are pretty good

What i do is i put the “texture” layer on top of all layers, then you set the layer *texture* on overlay and done! 

If the texture looks too rough or too bright i just play with the image adjustments till you like it.

Thank you lots dude! : >

Anonymous asked: Hhhh I really love your blog, it's not a question but yeah!

Anonymous asked: i have to say that the way you use colors is so cool. all of your pieces look so amazing. i hope you are doing well! <3

Hey thanks man!

I’m glad you like them!

Happy bd nerd :v

Happy bd nerd :v

Anonymous asked: u are good artist :)

U are a good anon :>

ARTISTS! A question

Hey artist! I have a question

How much would you or do you sell an illustration print on expos or art festivals?

Anonymous asked: Hey! Hope you don't mind me asking, but I' I've looked into a few art schools already, but what are some good characteristics in an art school? Or, where do I even begin? XD (also, I love you art <3)

Well depends on what you want to focus on!

For example I wanted to do concept art, Illustration, character design etc., So i probably should study Illustration or entertainment art. Depends on the school, im not really good at this topic, i recommend you to ask a person who actually goes to one. Because i might be wrong.

Thanks a lot!

Anonymous asked: How's life?

YOOO anon

Life is pretty good atm, i’ve been watching x files and crying over it. But it’s all good (it’s not)

I have a BIG awesome project coming soon, but i can’t talk about it yet, and i’m really excited!!

Also i been drawing a comic *probably* called “astro love”, i think i’ll finish it and sell it on may.

Everything is good today