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Anonymous asked: hey, my sister wants to get sugar skull tattoos to cover stuff up (or just roses and thorns) and we're white, so since learning about cultural appropriation and stuff, i'm confused as to what i should think about it... should i try to convince her to go with the roses instead, or do you think the sugar skulls would be ok?

You know, i’m not really sure in this case, i guess it’s really offensive when people objectify or fetishsize certain aspects of some cultures without knowing their value? 

 I don’t know if it could be justified in tattoos because you know it’s cultural value and means a lot to you personally. 

Don’t take my word for granted, but personally, no, i don’t find  it offensive, but some people will.

Anonymous asked: Dear Senpai; Are you active on Deviantart or not anymore? <33333

Not really, I still post there though, and look and fav works of the people i watch.

But i spend most of my free time on tumblr to be honest!

thepuddingcup asked: can I do fanart of your fanart is this okay I'm just so inlove I am so sorry

OH PLEASE DO. i would cry tears of jOY.


Anonymous asked: I really enjoy your style! I was wondering if your brushes are available somewhere?

Check my last post! You can download them

Thanks a lot!!!

Anonymous asked: ¡Hola! ¿Te gusta, o has escuchado acerca de WtNV ( Welcome to Night Vale )? :>

Sí!! Me encanta, aunque hace MESES que no lo escucho, pero pero pero pronto escucharé todos los que faltan

Anonymous asked: I feel personally victimized by your use of digital and traditional media successfully, your incredible unique and refined style and the cybernetic/what -is-really-human/futuristic theme made in different pieces all speaking of the same and with so much variety inside of your art. Please, don't you ever stop creating.

This message made me really happy, also it’s great to know you perceive a connection on my drawings that i may be not completely aware of from my perspective.

I really give my best, thank you so much!!

Anonymous asked: Your thoughts on the ending of Kill La Kill?

Feels and disappointment 

Anonymous asked: i think they mean the effect like in image/84475687821

To make the 3D effect

1. Open photoshopCS5 (Probably all versions have this)

2. GO to Filter

3. Click on “Lens correction”

4. Click on “Custom”

*Then there where it says “Chromatic Aberration” you will select colors like this


And done!

Anonymous asked: hey! i love your art. i was wondering how you get it to look textured? do you use a textured brush for lineart or? like even your colouring looks textured and it looks so i have no idea how to do it. Keep up the good work btw!

I use an image texture ! These are pretty good

What i do is i put the “texture” layer on top of all layers, then you set the layer *texture* on overlay and done! 

If the texture looks too rough or too bright i just play with the image adjustments till you like it.

Thank you lots dude! : >

samolo asked: Hey Nadiezda! Why are you so cool? No, but seriously... what were your reasons to consider going to an art school abroad against being self taught? I hope thios was the kind of ask you were specting... maybe not... ok, you can ignore it and feign it was never asked!

It’s cool, i like to receive any type of question!

You mean, why i wanted to go to an art school instead of self taught?

I wanted to have more discipline and have some kind of guide in my artistic skills, and habits.

I still really need it, i need critiscism, i need to get out of my comfort zone, and im trying to do so, and art schools can give me this order and discipline that i sometimes do not follow.

/you’re are cooler Samolo hihi/