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samolo asked: Hey Nadiezda! Why are you so cool? No, but seriously... what were your reasons to consider going to an art school abroad against being self taught? I hope thios was the kind of ask you were specting... maybe not... ok, you can ignore it and feign it was never asked!

It’s cool, i like to receive any type of question!

You mean, why i wanted to go to an art school instead of self taught?

I wanted to have more discipline and have some kind of guide in my artistic skills, and habits.

I still really need it, i need critiscism, i need to get out of my comfort zone, and im trying to do so, and art schools can give me this order and discipline that i sometimes do not follow.

/you’re are cooler Samolo hihi/

let’s DO THIS

guys guys! Ask me some questions!

I’m barely on this tumblr, and i wish i could interact more with you guys, go ahead, ask anything you want or if you want tell me anything you want, anon or not.


Anonymous asked: Me gusta tu trabajo pero tampoco salgo de anon porque por más que digas que querés más amistades parecés muy superada con la gente irl. Btw, creo que tenés un gran futuro en el mundo de la historieta si te interesa

Haha porque superada? Noooo sólo soy una  persona rara y se me dificulta mantener amistades en ambos mundos por mis aislamientos, y eso involucra conocer nuevas personas. 

Pero hey muchas gracias dude! Realmente me gustaría ya empezar algo respecto al cómic.

Anonymous asked: Que buena eres! acabo de descubrir tu blog y me encanta dude! sigue con tu genial trabajo y arte y así ;)

Hey! Y que bueno que me encontraste, gracias por seguirme

Anonymous asked: You're a super cool artist and I love your style and I really hope that you're doing well and are happy today


This made me smile, thank youu, i hope you are too!

Anonymous asked: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i love your art!!! How did you develop your style ? :O

I think i subconsciously mixed details of all my inspirations, like a mix of my favorite things all together, and a big part of me is in my style as well, sometimes it would be what i perceive of my reality or i would subconciously copy expressions and body language of my own persona. Ah sorry, i’m not really sure how to explain! haha???

Thanks c:

astarsjourney asked: In that black painting you did recently, what did you use?

Acrylics! :> 

Anonymous asked: are you a man or a woman


Anonymous asked: ¿Como te sientes al saber que han hecho a tu OC de Mexico parecer un femboy super pasivo cuando tu lo dibujabas como un macho?


Pero no me sorprende, su verdadero ser se escondía tras ese ego macho mexicano

Anonymous asked: Amo a Junko, dude.♡

Quién eres, yo te amo atí.